Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
One Way Cleaning corporate social responsibility strategy is fully embraced and supported by management and staff throughout the company.

We view our corporate social responsibility in four ways: how we manage our environmental responsibility, how we contribute to the community, how we ourselves behave in the workplace, how we work with our clients and suppliers.


We consciously work to reduce our environmental impact as a company. We aim to reduce energy and materials consumption and the production of waste. We have developed an extensive recycling and reuse programme for furniture, IT equipment, packaging and recyclable materials..

Internally, we set standards about how we behave as individuals. We work safely, we develop our staff, we give everyone the opportunity to contribute to a learning environment, share ideas and concerns and take personal ownership of their goals.

We respect the rights of employees and recognize and reward achievement.
We intend to progressively lessen our environmental impact by cutting our energy use, reducing waste, sharing experience and working closely with both our clients and our suppliers.

Each year One Way Cleaning Services sets itself a number of corporate social responsibility targets and objectives. Progress is reviewed throughout the year, and the company’s achievements measured and reported at the end of the period, when new targets are set.

One Way Cleaning Services has set itself a number of corporate social responsibility targets and objectives. Progress is reviewed annually and the company’s achievements measured and reported, when new targets are set.

Our Responsibilities

The environment

1. We will continue expanding our recycling and reuse commitment with the aim of recycling.

The community

1. We will encourage and develop local initiatives that support the local communities in which we work.
2. We will canvass our staff to nominate our charity of the year.
3. We will initiate a Give As You Earn payroll gifting scheme.
The workplace
1. We will conduct an annual staff survey and act on the results.
2. We will measure ourselves against our peers by seeking further awards and accreditation for our green initiatives.