Vehicle Cleaning

Our vehicle cleaning service is convenient for individuals and corporate fleets. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, Standard Car, Midsize SUV or Fullsize SUV or Minivan, we’ll detail the interior and exterior until it looks like brand new again.

The service at One Way is not only unmatched, it is environmentally friendly. What does this mean? Well first of all we are mobile, so our team of professionals come to your car at your home, condo or office to clean it on spot. We leverage environmentally friendly products that actually clean, protect and maintain your car better than traditional products. All this coupled with our proprietary, best in class methods and practices delivers a stunning service that will make your vehicle look brand new again, each and every time.

Car Park Cleaning

Car park cleaning is always a chore and driveways can seriously detract from your company’s image. We use a range of treatments and cleaning methods that will not damage the building’s surface.

  • Shopping Centres, Apartments, Offices and Retail properties
  • Basement Car Parks including ceilings, stairwells and overhead pipework
  • Under Cover and External Car Parks including driveways
  • Degreasing of parking bays and car stops
  • Chewing Gum Removal, Grease and oil removal, food and drink stain removal

Understand the importance of the floor of your car park regardless of the size of it. Your home or office car park plays an increasingly important role in the design of car parks today. Floors are coated with colors now and they are different from the conventional concrete floors. Contamination is therefore more visible on them and it is difficult to clean those using conventional methods. The floors should be clean and they should provide the visitors a sense of safety.

When the floors become dirtier, the car park gradually becomes less inviting to use. One Way Cleaning Services can clean both concrete and coated floor surfaces. The floors are cleaned right down into the concrete pores so that oils, particles and other sorts of dirt and contamination are released and vacuumed away absolutely not causing any damage to the floors with our

Our staff are highly experienced in cleaning all types of floors and know exactly how each type should be treated. Not only the floor cleaning but all sorts of other cleanings will also be carried out during our car park cleaning service.

Damage to floors or problems with oil and grease separators caused by cleaning solutions (emulsification) are completely avoided. We use specialised water blasting to get the unwanted dirt wiped out.

We use chemical soft wash process where necessary to bring back the shine to walls and floor improving their appearance and presentation, maximising paint longevity and minimising redecoration costs.

The chemicals we use help to lift stains from the structure. Then a controlled water blast removes the dirt bringing back the by-gone beauty of the original surfaces.

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