We ensure that all trees, plants, shrubs and lawns are properly managed. Correct management of the plants entails proper pruning, fertilizing, watering, mowing and mulching of the garden and this greatly reduces the chances of disease, pests and weed growth, thus ensuring healthy growth.

Over the years, we have managed to change our client’s perceptions that employing One Way for garden maintenance services is a luxury and a discretionary expenditure.

Our maintenance plans are very flexible, and range from us visiting your garden monthly or bi-monthly to supervise the client’s personnel, to keeping our gardener permanently on site.

Irrespective of the chosen maintenance plan, our client’s benefit from:

  • Our commitment, through hard work and team work, to ensure that gardens under our care are thriving and refreshing
  • Our technical expertise
  • Our wealth of experience

Flower Arrangements

We work with our clients to supply plants that will flourish comfortably in containers – indoor or outdoor. The planters we choose for your plants also complement the interior decor.

Potted Plants: Big containers can turn a garden into a work of art. They can be striking options that bring attention to the plants they house or act as landscape anchors. They can also be used as decorative additions to pools.

Our indoor plants are carefully selected and grown in our city nursery, where indoor conditions are simulated. We work closely with the client to supply plants that will thrive comfortably indoors. The planters we select for our plants also complement the indoor décor.

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